Brian Schoening:

Thank you very much. You and all of yours need to be as safe and well as possible..
See ya when we can,  Brian

Jeanne Mazzoni (Patterson):
Nice to hear from you!  Bill and I are in the Bay Area for winter, and we are both doing fine.  It’s predicted that over the next 8 weeks, half of the Californians will be exposed to the virus.  That is devastating.
We decided there was no reason for us to sit in our cozy cottage in Berkeley, so we are knocking off the last 2 weeks of our usual winter time here, and we plan to go back to Edmonds the first of this coming week.  I’d rather we are close to familiar doctors and hospitals if either of us were to get sick.
The mandate down here is VERY strict.  People are not to be around other people.  If we need to be, like at a grocery store, we have to observe the social distance.  Everyone seems to be doing that.  I know that it won’t be this boring once we are back in our own home and around all of our usual stuff.  Bill can putter in his shop in the garage, and it will be much better for us.
Stay well…..don’t touch your face.

Christie Samples:
We are hunkered in for awhile I think. At least the sun is shining here in Arizona.
My hugs to all of you.

Gary Lord:

Thanks Fran for your message and concern. Indeed these are trying times. I wish I lived closer so Temmy and I could join the group more often. Here's a bit of an update with u: Temmy's Salon is closed (non-essential), I am still seeing counseling clients at both of my offices here in Lancaster PA (Advanced Counseling and Testing Solutions...ACTS and Day Seven Ministries- essential). We too have cancelled several get togethers with friends and family - exercise groups, Church Life group, dinner groups, our church, Lancaster Evangelical Free Church (LEFC) just finished a major expansion and we had only our first service in it, now we just get live streaming worship and messages. 

Our kids, Rachel and Erik, and their spouses (Lyle and Yachun) are in the Seattle area, the former epic center for Coronavirus, but both are OK. Everyone there OK?

Love you all,

Gary Lord

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