Class of 1961 - Irene S. Reed
August 13, 2016

Our classmates are busy.  There is a new Photo Album titled "Where are you?"  Please view the pictures submiited by Laurie Somers and Terry Mills Roberts.  Here is the most recent photo from Ron and Kathy Lee at National Arches Park.  Ron sends the following update:

When I retired in 2000, Kathy and I moved from Edmonds, Wa to Lake Chelan, to enjoy the sunny skies, four seasons, a lot less traffic, and a more relaxed lifestyle. While we very much enjoyed living in Chelan, we sold our house and moved to Liberty Lake, Wa  in 2015, to be closer to our kids and grandkids. We wanted to be closer and spend more time with our grandkids as they progressed through grade school and high school, including the many activities they were involved in.  It is really nice to be close to them and have more time with our kids and grand kids before the grand kids move on to college and independence. While it was very hard to leave good friends in both Edmonds and Lake Chelan, we are recreating ourselves again here in Liberty Lake. We are very involved in church activities and getting to know and meet new friends.

Kathy and I have always enjoyed traveling and are spending a lot of our free time traveling to places in the United States and Europe that we thoroughly enjoy. Kathy came up with a great idea that is working out very well. She suggested that as part of our grandkids education, we would take each one to Europe when they are thirteen years old to experience different cultures, history, art, customs, and lifestyles. It is working out great. We have taken two of them already and will be taking a third this June (2017), with two more to go in subsequent years.

We had a great Thanksgiving with the whole family at our house this year, and are looking forward to Christmas together.

My best wishes to you and to all our classmates.

Do you have pictures and memories of time spent with fellow classmates?  It would be pretty special to have a copy of the pictures and a short paragraph to be posted on our website.  Many of you catch up with fellow ISR classmates in your travels and sometimes even at the grocery store.  Take pictures, send them to  Let's make this web page come alive!

​You may also want to check out the Monthly Class meetings.  Click on the Reunion Committee tab to see a picture of the latest December gathering. 

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