Class Luncheons

May 4, 2021

At last, we were able to gather and spend time together for the first time in over a year!  Come join your fellow classmates for our monthly dine outs.  The next luncheon will be on Tuesday, June 8th at 1 pm.  The luncheons are held at Taylor Town in Shelton and all are welcome.  

Class Luncheons
May 4, 2021 Luncheon Carol Tafoya, Mary Lou Hughes, Diane Evers, Dave Brown, Nancy Aho, Fran Clifton, Jim Durand
May 4, 2021 Barry Pettyjohn and John Arnold
March 5, 2019  These classmates were happy to get out of the snow for awhile and enjoy lunch with each other.
March 5, 2019  These classmates were happy to get out of the snow for awhile and enjoy lunch with each other.
May, 2017 Class Meeting - Rick Deyette, Jim Durand
May, 2017 Class Meeting - Linda Hardy Hoff, Carol Tafoya Burnett, Peg Price Stock, Linda Spooner Humphrey
May 2017 Class Meeting - David Brown, David Matthews.
Jerry Shimek and Linda Spooner Humphrey enjoying the April luncheon​.
Julie Larson Richardson an Linda Gilbert Milam
Dave Brown and Jerry Shimek
Patty Blake Lane and Carol Burnett Tafoya
Here's the Laurie Somers, Brian Schoening, Linda Spooner Humphrey, Julie Larson Richardson, Linda Gilbert Milam, Ron Haigh, Patty Blake Lane, Carol Burnett Tafoya, Diane Evers, Joan Rebman Slighte, Jerry Shimek, Dave Brown, Bonnie Baxter Ells, Ricky Deyet
1/5 Reunion Committee Meeting -Dave Brown, Sherry Kent, Diane Evers, Joe Wingard, Mary Lou Younglove, Linda Spooner, Joan Rebman, Barb Pearson, Carol Burnett, Bruce Hilderman, Julie Larson, Fran Clifton, Brian SCHOENING - picture by Laurie Somers
3/1 Reunion Committee Meeting - Sherry Kent Myers and Diane Kneeland -picture by Terry Roberts Mills
3/1 Reunion Committee Meeting - Barb Pearson, Terry Osterberg, Bonnie Baxter Ells, Diane Evers, Glen Fourre and Carol Burnett Tafoya - Picture by Terry Roberts Mills
3/1 reunion Committee Meeting - Joel Wingard - and Laurie Somers - picture by Terry Roberts Mills
3/1 Reunion Committee Meeting - Dave Matthews - picture by Terry Roberts Mills
3/1 Reunion Committee Meeting - Mary Lou Younglove Hughes modeling a SHS sweatshirt - picture by Terry Roberts Mills
Reunion Committee at Taylor Station, May, 2016.  What a great looking group!
There was a class lunch meeting held on December 6, 2016 at Taylor Station.  In attendance were:  ​Linda Gilbert Milam, Sherry Kent Myers, Terry Osterberg, Linda Spooner Humphrey, Laurie Somers, Carol Burnett Tafoya, Judy Larson Richardson and Joan Redman
Joan Rebman, Carol Burnett Tafoya, Laurie Somers, Linda and Brian Schoening.
Who ordered what?

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A Story from Laurie – and a Quiz. Most of us attend the monthly class luncheon for fellowship, to catch up on news about classmates, and for the good and reasonably priced food. The Taylor Station menu has a lot of choices and as you would expect shellfish and there is a pretty good salad bar to boot. When I ordered just the salad bar the (new) waitress said, “If you are just ordering the salad bar I’ll get you a large (dinner) plate”, which she did. So I loaded up and then when checking out at the cash register she said to me, “I wasn’t supposed to do that!”. Well, I was happy and she got a bigger tip.

Some of us have a favorite dish at Taylor Station like the one pictured. I challenge anyone to (1) name the dish pictured, (2) ordered with extra blank and (3) ordered by name of classmate. Submit answers to Laurie at The winners will be rewarded. Attendees at the January lunch are not eligible. And yes, she/he ate the whole thing!