Class of 1961 - Irene S. Reed
August 2, 2018
The Map!
The Map!


2 August, 2018

Shelton 1961 Highclimbers,

Everything is looking good for our picnic Tuesday August 7th. Good projected turnout. Good weather forecast. Good venue. And the best Highclimber Class ever! Here are a couple items for your info.

If you do change plans please let Sherry Myers know so she can have reasonable estimate on numbers attending; 360 426-6904 (phone is probably best) And she answers most any question.

Quick Directions: Northbound on 101, continue through Hoodsport, blink and you’ll miss Lilliwaup, continue about another 4 miles north beyond Lilliwaup , watch the mile markers and when you see mile marker 323 slow slow slow down and make a quick right hand turn at the “Stetson’s” sign. If you see the Ayock Beach sign on 101 pull a U-turn. The Map is attached .  Yes, we know it's small but hopefully it provides the landmarks you may need to find the fantastic class of 1961.

We will have ample tables and chairs and notably several canopies which Tuesday should be shading us from the sunshine.

If any last minute coordination with Jerry Shimek is needed, he may be reached at the beach 360 672-5961.

For those who can’t attend you are invited to send any information you wish to share and we plan to put pictures from the picnic up on the class website along with any good stories we hear!

Thank you,

The Lunch Bunch

    Some Like It Hot
Some Like It Hot
  Some Like it Cold
Some Like it Cold
Some Like it Just Right on   Hood Canal
Some Like it Just Right on Hood Canal


Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold and Some like it Just Right on Hood Canal.  You might have heard; last year’s Class Picnic was Just Right!  So, we are doing it again.   Jerry and Carolyn Shimek have graciously offered to host the picnic again at their beach home at “Stetsons”.  Classmates, mark the picnic date Tuesday, August 7, 2018, on your calendars.  Stay tuned for more details sent out to Classmates via e-mail.  If you want to be involved in the planning, attend the monthly class luncheon at Taylor Station on 1 May (first Tuesday of every month at 1PM). Alternatively contact Sherry Myers (360) 426-6904, Carol Tafoya (360) 866-2777,, Laurie at prior to the luncheon. We welcome all ideas, suggestions or questions.